Postpartum! – Herbs that Heal

Our plant family has so many ways to heal and nurture our body after we birth. Let’s take a look at a few…


CalendulaThis beautiful healing herb brings comfort to our sore perineums. If you have an episiotomy, tore or just have a few micro tears this herbs soothe and heals!




Sea Salt

SaltSalt is another fast healer. Soaking your bottom in a sea salt bath if there has been trauma. Soaking your nipples in sea salt and warm water if they are cracked and/or bleeding can bring instant relief and fast healing.




fenugreekFenugreek is a trusted friend when it comes to increasing milk supply. Taken orally in capsule or tincture form.




Red Raspberry Leaf

redraspberryRed Raspberry is every woman, no matter what stage of life, best friend. RRL is an all over female tonic. Strengthens and tonifies. Rich in minerals and nutrients.




There are countless other beautiful herbs that help our postpartum to be smooth and healthy. See your midwife or herbalist for more information, indications and dosages.

At Freedom and the Seed we blend delicious herbal teas for the postpartum period. We have also created a healing sit bath with a fragrance that is out of this world!


All of these can be purchased at our office or sent by mail. Just contact Wendi at

Happy Babymoon!


FATS @ The Wellnest Open House

FATS is finally settled in at our Gilbert location so let’s party!!! This Friday July 31st we will bless the nest with food, music and a multitude of friends. Everyone is invited to come see the new place, eat yummy food, hear amazing music and have a blast!
The WellNest was created to house the three amazing women who work there.
Wendi Cleckner, Midwife, Freedom and the Seed
Juliana Bishop, Herbalist/Astrologer, Herbal Jules
Kate Nerthercott-Wilsom, Counselor, Kamaji Tree
We are excited to see you on Friday!
Grand Opening Flyer WellNest

Be in the know about the Ocotillo

Ocotillo is one of my beloved desert plants. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was on my hike to find all the rain caused this amazing healer to explode with life! These pictures do not do justice to the beauty these plants exude.



A couple of interesting facts about Ocotillo –

The leaves are delicious and super nutritious! Especially when they first burst out of the limbs. The mineral content of a couple leaves is huge! I like to nibble on them as I hike or harvest a handful for my salad.

The inside bark of the limbs can be harvested to aid in poor circulation especially in the pelvic region. Symptoms of pre-menstrual congestion, bloating, prostrate enlargement can all benefit from Ocotillo. It is also great for urinary tract support and to aid our bodies in fighting urinary tract infections (UTI).

The red-orange glowing flowers that light the tops are powerful energy medicine. The flower essence of the Ocotillo gives insight into and acceptance of our emotions without feeling victimized by them. It is soothing, calming, and grounding especially in emotionally charged events. Ocotillo flower essence also helps us in our inability to express emotions or to understand one’s feelings.

I made a fresh batch of the flower essence and it is available in the FATS office.

Enjoy these picture and then go for a hike and enjoy this exquisite plant!

For more info visit – Desert Bloom Herbs

Much love ~ Wendi

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