Meet Our Midwives


Wendi Cleckner, CPM LM

WendiWendi is a desert child at heart, born and raised on the Arizona clay. In 1993 she helped a friend through the birth of her first child and felt a passion to devote her life to moms and babies. The calling of midwifery has blessed her with travel across the world, taking her to the Philippines, the Sudan and Iraq. She believes in the intrinsic knowledge women hold in the ability to bring forth life, and will continue to work both individually and with the community, rallying for women to give birth as they choose. Meet Wendi…

Fatima Muhammad, Birth Worker

Gaby Reza, Birth Worker

Gabriela(Gaby)M. Reza is a bilingual birth worker at Freedom and the Seed finishing her education to become a Licensed Midwife. She is also a native birthworker who provides prenatal and postpartum rebozo services and teaches classes to empower families to utilize the rebozo to support the birthing person in labor and delivery. She has been of service to pregnant persons, mothers, babies and families since 2009. 
She is a first generation daughter of a migrant family from Chihuahua, Mexico. Her mother was born at home with parteras/midwives in Mexico. During her participation as a runner in spiritual run, “Peace and Dignity Journeys”, is where she met indigenous healers and parteras/midwives from different parts of Tawantinsuyo (South America). They discussed the vital importance of midwifery helping improve maternal & childbirth outcomes and encouraged the younger generations to learn how to keep parterismo/ indigenous midwifery alive not only for this generation but for the future generations to come.
In Gaby’s free time she loves being in nature and going hiking or swimming with her young daughter.

Other FATS Community Midwives