Did you know that, other than camels, humans are the only mammal that doesn’t consume their placenta?
Possible placenta benefits:
• Balances your system
• Boosts iron
• Boosts energy
• Decrease PP bleeding
• Contains YOUR natural hormones
• Boosts milk production
• Increases happiness in the postpartum period
• Can also be helpful during your monthly cycle, menopause, for general mood swings, periods of major life transition, etc. if properly stored for later use.

The placenta contains a variety of healing hormones and nutrients. Listed below are just a few of them and how they help:
• Gonadotrophin: hormonal balance.
• Prolactin: makes milk
• Cortisone: fights stress and increases energy.
• Interferons: immune booster.
• Gamma globulin: immune booster.
• Prostaglandins: anti-inflammatory hormones.
• Oxytocin: the love hormone. Helps with bonding with your new baby. Oxytocin stimulates the uterus to contract, making the uterus shrink to pre-pregnancy size faster.
• Thyroid stimulating hormone: boosts energy by boosting thyroid levels (metabolism) aiding in postpartum weight loss; also helps recovery from the stressful event of labor and delivery.
• Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing.

There are many ways to consume your placenta.

*Raw. The placenta is most beneficial when consumed raw because the properties are not altered at all. At your birth we would dividing your placenta up into small pieces to consume for the coming weeks. Add it to a smoothie, cook it in a stew, roll it into a sushi roll. Pieces can be frozen and kept for up to 6 months.



*Capsules. Not quite as potent as raw consumption, but still very powerful.
-Raw method – placenta is dehydrated at a low temperature (this is why it is still considered raw) over a long period of time (24 hours+). Once it is fully dry and dehydrated, it will be ground into a powder and encapsulated. Average number of capsules is 150.
-Steamed/ Traditional Chinese Medicine method – placenta is thoroughly rinsed and drained of all blood, steamed with ginger, lime and jalapeno, dehydrated at a high temperature, ground into a powder and encapsulated. Average number of capsules: 100.
Capsules keep indefinitely if stored in the freezer and then used as needed for
help with milk supply, mood swings, and times of transition. Capsules can also be used during your monthly cycle and menopause.
-Added herbs: You can also add an extra boost to your capsules by adding herbs. Common additives are Motherwort, Blessed Thistle, St Johns Wort, Alfalfa, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Nettle. I am happy to consult with you about what herbs are good for your unique situation.

*Tincture. A homeopathic placenta remedy for mother and child. A portion of the raw placenta is tinctured to create a long-lasting, pure placenta ‘mother’ tincture. This remedy is available for immediate use during times of transition, illness or stress, or it can be saved for a future health emergency – even decades from now. Even after your placenta capsules are gone, many women swear by this long-lasting remedy for help with PMS, depression, menopause, etc. It can also be diluted in a bit of water and given to the child when he or she is getting sick or is in a time of transition. You will be given a ready made tincture, as well as the remaining “mother tincture” to give you the ability to continue refilling your tincture bottle.

*Chocolate Truffles – placenta is dehydrated, ground and mixed into a truffle batch (raw coconut butter, raw cacao and pure maple syrup) and shaped into individual sized pieces.

Umbilical Cord Keepsake: The umbilical cord is not included in the capsules.
umbilical cord and amniotic sac are removed from the placenta, artfully arranged, and dehydrated to preserve their shape forever. Alternatively, the cord and sac can be saved at your request if you would prefer to bury them ceremoniously.

Placenta Print: Standard prints are made with your fresh placenta and the natural blood onto heavy watercolor paper or canvas.

Placenta Photography – we will always provide photos of the placenta maternal side up and fetal side up, in addition capturing any other interesting angles or features.

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