Winter Solstice – Remember the Light. Remember the Dark.


Winter Solstice ~ Dec 22

The changing of the seasons. The recognition of death and life. Light and dark. New and old.

For me, the solstice starts starts my time of reflection in ending of a year, a completion of seasons. What has happened over the past year and laying it to rest, preparing myself for the coming of the new year.

There are so many traditions and celebrations you and your family could enjoy through the Solstice. I have created a short list here along with some great websites to spring board your new traditions…


Xmas dinner



  1. Share a meal with friends – Solstice recipes
  2. Be outside – make a wreath with evergreens collected by loved ones on a walk through the woods. Evergreens, it’s said, symbolize the continuity of life, protection, and prosperity.
  3. Light candles – build a circle of candlelight, one for each participant, and then blow them out and sit together in the darkness for a few moments offering gratitude before lighting one central, larger candle to symbolize your unity over the coming year.
  4. Watch the sunrise and sunset – ring a collection of bells at sunrise and sunset
  5. Throw “the longest night of the year party” – how to planfoodmore food, more ideas

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Join us at the FATS office for Winter solstice celebrations!

Tuesday December 1, 12-2pm @ the Gilbert location 323 S Gilbert Rd #209 Gilbert AZ

Friday December4, 10-12pm @ the Phoenix location 115 W McDowell #4B Phoenix AZ

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Mama Circle Flyer 2


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