Mama Circle 3.0



I adore FATS Mama Circle! Anytime women come together makes my heart explode with joy. Community is vital.

Due to some creative scheduling and community involvement we are changing the day, time, frequency and location we gather.

Starting in October…

At our Gilbert location, Mama Circles will be held the first Tuesday of every month from 12-2. Mama Circle Flyer 2

At our Phoenix location, Mama Circles will be held the first Friday of every month 10-12.  Mama Circle Flyer 3

We are hoping these changes can accommodate more of our mamas!

See you at the next gathering in Oct!

Postpartum! – Herbs that Heal

Our plant family has so many ways to heal and nurture our body after we birth. Let’s take a look at a few…


CalendulaThis beautiful healing herb brings comfort to our sore perineums. If you have an episiotomy, tore or just have a few micro tears this herbs soothe and heals!




Sea Salt

SaltSalt is another fast healer. Soaking your bottom in a sea salt bath if there has been trauma. Soaking your nipples in sea salt and warm water if they are cracked and/or bleeding can bring instant relief and fast healing.




fenugreekFenugreek is a trusted friend when it comes to increasing milk supply. Taken orally in capsule or tincture form.




Red Raspberry Leaf

redraspberryRed Raspberry is every woman, no matter what stage of life, best friend. RRL is an all over female tonic. Strengthens and tonifies. Rich in minerals and nutrients.




There are countless other beautiful herbs that help our postpartum to be smooth and healthy. See your midwife or herbalist for more information, indications and dosages.

At Freedom and the Seed we blend delicious herbal teas for the postpartum period. We have also created a healing sit bath with a fragrance that is out of this world!


All of these can be purchased at our office or sent by mail. Just contact Wendi at

Happy Babymoon!


Birth! Who’s your team?



The people you choose to be present at one of the most intimate moments of your life has huge effects on how that moment is played out. It is worth a lot of reflection, thought and boundaries.

Care Providers

You and your care provider’s philosophy of healthcare, your body, birth and your baby should be in alignment. It is NEVER too late to switch care providers. A mother went into labor, arrived at the hospital, realized her doctor and her were NOT on the same page about the birth she wanted. This brave mother called around to homebirth midwives until she found one to care for her at home, checked herself out and went home to have her baby. It is never too late to have the birth you want surrounded by the people you want.








Get one. There is nothing more to say. What is a Doula?



This is where a lot of reflection is needed. A wise old midwife once told me you can add a couple hours to the labor for every extra person at the birth. Over my years of being a midwife I have found this to be true with very few exceptions. As with a care provider the people you invite to your birth should be 100% supportive of your decisions. In addition, family and friends who hold any fear around birth you should be very cautious about inviting into the birthing space.


Others to consider


Child care for the other children


Pregnancy – Let’s Eat!

If you are one of our mamas you know our biggest nutrition topic is PROTEIN! It is the building block of babies. Mona writes today’s blog about yummy Farro – a great grain for protein!


I <3 Farro!

During these hot summer months I’m always looking for cool and refreshing dishes that satisfy.  One ingredient that I’ve recently fallen in love with is none other than FARRO.  My favorite way of enjoying this grain is in cool salads that serve as a complete meal.  If you haven’t had it before, you’re totally missing out!  It looks something like barley, and has a texture I love.

Another reason to love farro is its protein content—7 grams per serving!  Which is an awesome thing for every mama’s diet.  In fact farro has as much protein as the beloved quinoa, and twice as much calcium, good things for pregnancy and beyond.  With this, it must be said for those avoiding gluten, this is not the grain for you.  Farro is a kind of wheat, so for any of the recipes below you’d likely want to replace farro for quinoa or brown rice.

The first thing you need to know is how to cook farro.  Once you have a batch you’re options are limitless, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

Farro salad with some sweetness

Farro 1

Farro salad that’s savory.

Farro 2

Farro salad with tanginess.

Farro 3

I hope you enjoy farro as much as I do. Give it a try and let us know what you think!!

Much love to you all,



Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week!

















This week is all about the boob! We love mama’s milk!

One of the greatest ways to promote normalcy in breastfeeding and create a breastfeeding culture is exposure. Mamas nurse your babies. The world needs to see it.

For more information about this awesome week go here:


Our Mama Circle on Wednesday 10-12 will be all about breastfeeding. If you are a pro and have done this for years come share your knowledge. If you have never nursed a baby, this is a great time to come see, learn, and experience this gift! See you Wednesday!