Our Birth Stories

Our stories are one of the most powerful things we own. It is the essence of who we are.

What our stories say.                                       What is your story

What we learn from our stories.

How we tell our stories.

Who we tell our stories to.

We are impacted.

Others are impacted.

Our birth stories, even more. In a culture that is terrified of birth, we hold the power of life. In every birth story you hold the ability to empower yourself and others.

Births that did not play out the story we were hoping are especially important to tell and process in safe spaces.

FATS Mama Circles (both Gilbert and PHX) will be holding a safe space this week to process and tell your story. ALL stories are welcome in our circle. We will use the tool of art to help us process and work through our births.

For the Mamas who have not yet birthed. You have heard countless stories and have a story in your head that is playing continually as to how your birth will go. You are welcome in this circle. Come explore the stories you have been told. Come dig into the story you are playing in your head of the dreams of your birth.

Gilbert FATS Mama Circle is Nov 3 12-2  See the event on Facebook.

Phoenix FATS Mama Circle is Nov 6 10-12  See the event on Facebook.




If you are interested in more birth stories this is a great site!

Mama Circle 3.0



I adore FATS Mama Circle! Anytime women come together makes my heart explode with joy. Community is vital.

Due to some creative scheduling and community involvement we are changing the day, time, frequency and location we gather.

Starting in October…

At our Gilbert location, Mama Circles will be held the first Tuesday of every month from 12-2. Mama Circle Flyer 2

At our Phoenix location, Mama Circles will be held the first Friday of every month 10-12.  Mama Circle Flyer 3

We are hoping these changes can accommodate more of our mamas!

See you at the next gathering in Oct!

Keep up!!!

Not sure if everyone is able to keep up with the changes surrounding FATS.
Our new office in Gilbert is magical! The space is beautiful inside and out. Plenty of space for LOTS of community. Speaking of community, we are starting Mama Circles back up THIS WEEK!!! Every Wednesday 10-12. We will have a loose topic every week following what has been posted on the blog ~
August – Pregnancy
September – Birth
October – Post Partum
November – Baby
December – Ceremony

Speaking of ceremony, one of the new things brewing at FATS are the ceremonies we are diving into. Visit our ceremony page on our website to find out just how much we are doing in this area.

The new downtown office has been a blessing to many that didn’t want to travel further east to Gilbert. We are sharing Shell Luttrell’s beautiful space one day a week. For that, I am so grateful to my sister. It is perfect!

One last newness in FATS world. We have a fresh 2 month old hanging around the office thanks to Julianna. Perhaps you will have the pleasure of holding Mr. Frenchy Buttons.


Red Tent Extravaganza

Our first red tent

On monday night the FATS office saw its first Red Tent, a la Anita Diamant’s novel of the same name. Imagine a room full of women sharing, laughing, caring for themselves and each other. There were tarot readings, glitter tattoos, hand and foot massages, painted toes… so much love. And don’t forget the wine and chocolate! 

We will be hosting all this juicy goodness with every New Moon, so please join us! (Reading the book is not a prerequisite but highly recommended!)

Next month’s gathering will be Tuesday, August 6th at 6pm.

xo ~ dianah