Our Birth Stories

Our stories are one of the most powerful things we own. It is the essence of who we are.

What our stories say.                                       What is your story

What we learn from our stories.

How we tell our stories.

Who we tell our stories to.

We are impacted.

Others are impacted.

Our birth stories, even more. In a culture that is terrified of birth, we hold the power of life. In every birth story you hold the ability to empower yourself and others.

Births that did not play out the story we were hoping are especially important to tell and process in safe spaces.

FATS Mama Circles (both Gilbert and PHX) will be holding a safe space this week to process and tell your story. ALL stories are welcome in our circle. We will use the tool of art to help us process and work through our births.

For the Mamas who have not yet birthed. You have heard countless stories and have a story in your head that is playing continually as to how your birth will go. You are welcome in this circle. Come explore the stories you have been told. Come dig into the story you are playing in your head of the dreams of your birth.

Gilbert FATS Mama Circle is Nov 3 12-2  See the event on Facebook.

Phoenix FATS Mama Circle is Nov 6 10-12  See the event on Facebook.




If you are interested in more birth stories this is a great site!

Mama Circle 3.0



I adore FATS Mama Circle! Anytime women come together makes my heart explode with joy. Community is vital.

Due to some creative scheduling and community involvement we are changing the day, time, frequency and location we gather.

Starting in October…

At our Gilbert location, Mama Circles will be held the first Tuesday of every month from 12-2. Mama Circle Flyer 2

At our Phoenix location, Mama Circles will be held the first Friday of every month 10-12.  Mama Circle Flyer 3

We are hoping these changes can accommodate more of our mamas!

See you at the next gathering in Oct!

Birth! Who’s your team?



The people you choose to be present at one of the most intimate moments of your life has huge effects on how that moment is played out. It is worth a lot of reflection, thought and boundaries.

Care Providers

You and your care provider’s philosophy of healthcare, your body, birth and your baby should be in alignment. It is NEVER too late to switch care providers. A mother went into labor, arrived at the hospital, realized her doctor and her were NOT on the same page about the birth she wanted. This brave mother called around to homebirth midwives until she found one to care for her at home, checked herself out and went home to have her baby. It is never too late to have the birth you want surrounded by the people you want.








Get one. There is nothing more to say. What is a Doula?



This is where a lot of reflection is needed. A wise old midwife once told me you can add a couple hours to the labor for every extra person at the birth. Over my years of being a midwife I have found this to be true with very few exceptions. As with a care provider the people you invite to your birth should be 100% supportive of your decisions. In addition, family and friends who hold any fear around birth you should be very cautious about inviting into the birthing space.


Others to consider


Child care for the other children


Enter your birth story and win a prize!!!

It’s time to get our stories out there! Freedom and the Seed is hosting a birth story drawing. Send your birth story to fromwomb2will@gmail.com and be entered to win a brand new baby bouncer. Stories will be posted over the next few months so we can share our experiences with each other and we all can learn.

We understand it might take a little time to sit down and write so the drawing will take place close to the end of November… a holiday surprise! More details to come. Write the stories as soon as you can because we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what you have to say!


Much love from the  FATS Team!!!

Contact us at fromwomb2will@gmail.com with any questions.