Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week!

















This week is all about the boob! We love mama’s milk!

One of the greatest ways to promote normalcy in breastfeeding and create a breastfeeding culture is exposure. Mamas nurse your babies. The world needs to see it.

For more information about this awesome week go here:


Our Mama Circle on Wednesday 10-12 will be all about breastfeeding. If you are a pro and have done this for years come share your knowledge. If you have never nursed a baby, this is a great time to come see, learn, and experience this gift! See you Wednesday!

FATS @ The Wellnest Open House

FATS is finally settled in at our Gilbert location so let’s party!!! This Friday July 31st we will bless the nest with food, music and a multitude of friends. Everyone is invited to come see the new place, eat yummy food, hear amazing music and have a blast!
The WellNest was created to house the three amazing women who work there.
Wendi Cleckner, Midwife, Freedom and the Seed
Juliana Bishop, Herbalist/Astrologer, Herbal Jules
Kate Nerthercott-Wilsom, Counselor, Kamaji Tree
We are excited to see you on Friday!
Grand Opening Flyer WellNest

The FATS Team

Let’s get reacquainted!

The FATS team has changed so much over the years but I think the names of those serving our mamas right now should be familiar – FATS Students

Fati DeandreaFatima MuhammadFati

FATIMA MUHAMMAD, MPH has worked in maternal and child health for over 14 years. Her passion for women, children and babies began with the birth of her niece when Fatima was only 12 years old. Six years later she began her journey to becoming a doula, parent educator, community advocate and eventually a student midwife. Her work with families has guided her to serve both nationally at places like Casa de Nacimiento in El Paso, TX and as far as Atiak, Uganda, internationally. While apprenticing as a student midwife Fatima also works for a community based organization. There she assists numerous teens and families in their parenting practices. She also specifically assists African American women to have optimal birth outcomes through providing information, education and support through the “Birthing Project”.
Fati mom

IMG_2043_1024Mona ZiemsMona and Wendi


A rug merchant’s daughter, Mona was born and raised in the heart of the Southwest, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she grew up in a culturally diverse and eclectic community. After hearing the word “midwife” for the first time a passion was ignited, and she has been responding to that call ever since. It is Mona’s sincere belief that the impact of birth extends beyond one moment, and in fact directly correlates to the spiritual, social, and emotional health of the family, thereby influencing the health of the community at large. One day Mona hopes to serve as a Midwife educator in an effort to raise up indigenous resources to promote sustainable women’s wellness in communities around the world.

Beyond her love of all things connected to birth literally and metaphorically, she enjoys spending time with her sweet husband, reading, watching TV, and hanging out with her junior youth group.


Mona Baby Wendi

rosedisneyRose Dayrose

Rose is a second generation Arizona Native. She is the mother to seven children, five of whom were born at home.

After a very empowering second birth at a freestanding birth center with a CNM she began attending friends’ births as a support person in ’99. In 2008 she became certified to and started teaching childbirth classes and attending births as a doula. She holds a Lamaze cert for CBE and a DONA doula cert.

I believe a woman is the most qualified person to make birthing decisions for herself and her baby. All women deserve respectful, individualized care and autonomy with that care.


I could not do what I do as a licensed midwife without students. They are my right hand and my sanity! I am blessed to have such amazing students surrounding me and loving the families FATS serves! Come hang out with them every Wednesday 10-12 at mama circle and watch for their posts here as they write about the wisdom they are learning!



Keep up!!!

Not sure if everyone is able to keep up with the changes surrounding FATS.
Our new office in Gilbert is magical! The space is beautiful inside and out. Plenty of space for LOTS of community. Speaking of community, we are starting Mama Circles back up THIS WEEK!!! Every Wednesday 10-12. We will have a loose topic every week following what has been posted on the blog ~
August – Pregnancy
September – Birth
October – Post Partum
November – Baby
December – Ceremony

Speaking of ceremony, one of the new things brewing at FATS are the ceremonies we are diving into. Visit our ceremony page on our website to find out just how much we are doing in this area.

The new downtown office has been a blessing to many that didn’t want to travel further east to Gilbert. We are sharing Shell Luttrell’s beautiful space one day a week. For that, I am so grateful to my sister. It is perfect!

One last newness in FATS world. We have a fresh 2 month old hanging around the office thanks to Julianna. Perhaps you will have the pleasure of holding Mr. Frenchy Buttons.