When was your last Well Woman Exam?

Did you know that licensed midwives do “well woman” exams? Did you know that licensed midwives do kick-ass, amazing “well woman” exams?
We do. And today was just another confirmation that we do fantastic “well woman” care!

Sometimes I like to pretend I am not a healthcare worker, certainly not a midwife and just be a woman. I made my “well woman” appointment with a GYN office hosting several doctors and a CNM just to check out what other offices do, see if I am missing anything or can improve on anything. I met with the CNM who was lovely in every way, a true gem, yet she is stuck in a very broken system. This highly skilled, extremely educate woman could only spend 10 minutes with me. 10 min to connect to our new relationship, make me feel at ease, touch on my medical history, mush my boobs around, stick a speculum in my yoni, and give me a script for a mammogram. WHOA! How did we do all that in 10 min? She did the best she could with the time given.
It just made me all the more grateful and proud of the “well woman” care I, and all licensed midwives, give.

We have a fundamental belief that women are amazing, worthy of love, respect and time. Everything we do flows from that belief.
We schedule an hour for all “well woman” exams.
We spend A LOT of time talking, especially if this is the first time we have met. It is super important to us, not only health history, but current lifestyle. We want to know not just the physical but emotional, sexual, psychological, and spiritual side of a woman.
We talk about all the different tests and procedures to decide together what things actually are appropriate for her.
We do A LOT of education. From breast to yoni, contraception to STD’s.
We encourage women to take an active role in their bodies and healthcare.
We don’t just do a PAP. We offer STD testing, blood work, ultrasounds/mammograms.
We take our time especially with the women who have experienced trauma. We realize this can be an empowering experience instead of re-traumatizing situation.

In our office many tears fall because women feel safe to release, they have found ears to listen. In our office there is laughter as we share common experiences about our crazy bodies. In our office women have seen their own cervixes for the first time. In our office we live and love and learn together. It is for all of these reasons and so much more why we love the freedom midwifery offers every woman.

Call us for an amazing “well woman” exam today!